Reservations must be made 48 hours in advance. We do not guarantee reservations made with less time. If you have waited until the last moment, contact us at to check availability that we can offer you.
The collections are programmed automatically according to the information provided by the client when making the online reservation. Please inform us as soon as possible to Inpetransfer via email of any change in the reservation (accommodation, change of travel time, etc) to
Yes, you can cancel the reservation 48 hours before the pick-up time, 100% of the reservation will be refunded minus € 3 in administrative costs. If the reservation is canceled with less than 48 hours, the total amount to be returned will be € 0.
Each passenger can carry a suitcase of up to 20kg with a maximum stockings of 158cm (length + width + depth) and a small handbag of 5kg maximum. Remember that private vehicles for 4 people with 4 suitcases are almost always used minivans. Keep in mind the suitcases at the time of reserving your vehicle and avoid sorpesas in destination. If you have questions, ask us.
At the time of booking, it is made by secure payment by credit card or bank transfer. The client will receive the detail of their reservation by e-mail, together with a number that will identify it (locator) and all the related data.

The transaction will be made in EUROS, whatever the origin of the client or the selected establishment.
When making the reservation, the client is fully and exclusively responsible for the accuracy of all the information stated. In case of checking its incorrectness, it could cause the cancellation of the reservation. In case of not performing a transfer service due to the fault of the client, Inpetransfer is not responsible and does not return the money.
The person making the reservation must be over 18 years old and is responsible for following all the steps of the online booking system.

You must print and have the reservation vouchers ready to present them to the transport operator so that the driver can examine them. If the holder of the reservation does not present the voucher, it is possible that the transport operator does not provide the service. We recommend that you print and carry with you all communications maintained with the company in addition to the proof of transfer.
You can cancel the services requested or contracted at any time. Send us an e-mail to
If the reservation is canceled more than 2 days before the service is provided, 100% of the amount of the reservation will be refunded, minus € 3 for administrative expenses.
If the reservation is canceled 2 days or less in advance of the service, you will lose 100% of the reservation amount.
If the cause is availability of our provider and can not comply with the reserved service, and we can not offer similar services, Inpetransfer reserves the right to cancel the reservation. We ask you to make the reservation with time to guarantee the service contracted.
The reservation system, the website and the servers are located outside of Spain and are owned by the company StivaSoft Ltd based in Bulgaria and are responsible for the maintenance of the servers and website.
In the reservation voucher you have all the information you need, the driver will wait for you in the arrivals hall with a sign with your name. In case of delay, please notify the local supplier immediately or call us at + 34 657 547 304. The driver wating you since 45 and 60 minutes for free since landing flight. Remember to notify whenever you are late. It may be that the driver has more services and can not pick you up at the new arrival time of the flight
We accept the most widespread means of payment, such as credit cards (American Express, MasterCard / Diners International, Visa), debit cards (Visa / Delta, Visa / Electron), bank transfer, iDEAL, Pay bottom KBC, Belfius Direct Net, ING Home Pay all with ©Mollie at Netherlands
We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance that meets your needs. Please read the reservation voucher carefully and print the documentation so you can take it with you when you travel. Proper travel insurance will protect you against a series of risks that are beyond our control.
Legislation at local and national level may vary depending on the country in which the transfer is made. In any case, all our transport operators comply with current legislation. If you book a private transfer, we recommend that for safety reasons, use a lift or high chair for passengers under 12 years of age or with a height of less than 135 cm.

When making the reservation should specify whether children travel, baby and their ages. At that time we will carry out the management with the local supplier and we will send the final price to the e-mail with the chair or elevator marked by the law in the country in question.

If you wish to travel with your own baby seat or lift and you have booked a private transfer, you must inform us of this before you start your trip.
We will do everything possible to ensure that the transport operator offers the chair or elevator when it has been reserved.
All children and babies, regardless of their age, will be taken into account to determine the capacity of the vehicle to use, and therefore must be entered in the total number of passengers at the time of booking.
In the case of breach of these conditions we will be liable only for those damages or losses that are a consequence attributable to our default or our negligence, and at most for the total amount paid by you. We are not liable for damages that are not directly attributable to us or those caused by accident, force majeure or that are caused by legal or administrative requirements.

We are not responsible for incidents that occur during the provision of the service, specifically illnesses, personal injuries or death, unless they are a direct consequence of our negligence.

This means that, in accordance with these conditions, we can accept liability if, for example, the passenger dies or suffers personal injury or if the transfer service is not provided as contracted or poorly provided as a result of our disability or of the inability of our employees or the inability of our transport operators to provide the transportation service you hired using reasonable knowledge and professionalism. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to demonstrate that lack of knowledge and professionalism if you want to file a claim against the company.

Furthermore, we will only be responsible for what our employees and transport operators do or do not do while acting in the framework of their professional performance (for employees) or doing the jobs we have requested (for transport operators).

No section of these General Conditions limits or excludes: a. our liability to you in case of death or personal injury resulting from our negligent actions. b. any other right that you are entitled to as a consumer and user and that by law can not be excluded or limited.

We are completely exempt from any responsibility in the event that the client directly contracts a service with the transport operator.

We can not guarantee one hundred percent the accuracy of the contents of this website. The possibility that the page is affected by a computer virus can not be ruled out. In any case we will do everything on our part to rectify any error that is communicated to us in the shortest possible time. If due to one of these errors a reservation is made with a wrong price or with a wrong promotion, we reserve the right to terminate the contract without having to compensate the customer.
We can not be held responsible in the event that the fulfillment of our obligations or those of the transport operator is impeded or affected directly or indirectly by or as a result of a force majeure event or of any circumstance beyond our control including, among others, cases such as extreme weather events, natural disasters, terrorism, accidents of third parties along the route of the transfer, police controls, extraordinary traffic congestion or strikes.

Formalizing this contract you implicitly declare that: You are of legal age and are in full use of your mental faculties and that you are therefore qualified to assume the legal responsibilities derived from this agreement. Is aware of the scope of the services that are the subject of this contract, of the information regarding the company and the content of these General Conditions. It also declares that the credit or debit cards it uses are owned and that they have sufficient funds to cover the amount of the service. Understand that you must notify us as soon as possible of any modification of the data you have provided.

The services will be provided according to the information specified in the transfer receipt sent by email. It is your responsibility to provide complete and correct directions for the collection and destination points at the time of booking. It is also part of their responsibilities to print and check the accuracy of the transfer receipt. If the information contained in the voucher is incorrect, you must contact our Customer Service team immediately for rectification. During the booking process, pay special attention to ensure that all required fields, marked with an asterisk (*), have been filled in correctly. We are not responsible for reservations that are impossible to carry out and no refunds will be made for those reservations.

Only you are responsible for providing the necessary documentation for crossing borders. We do not assume any responsibility and refuse to incur additional costs caused by the non-provision of such documents or by non-compliance with customs, police, tax or administrative regulations of the countries to which access is sought. Proof of transfer is not a valid document to obtain an entry visa.

In the event that the company is forced to pay a deposit or a fine to the authorities of other countries as a consequence of the customer's failure to comply with the laws, regulations or other requirements of the countries in which they intend to enter or exit or that they intend to cross, The client will assume full responsibility for reimbursing the company. We reserve the right to withhold any amount that has been paid to us until the client shows that he has reimbursed the amount corresponding to these fines, charges, etc.

We reserve the right and by accepting these conditions you authorize us to charge your credit or debit card for damages caused to the vehicle (including a thorough cleaning) or for objects that have disappeared from the vehicle.

We reserve the right not to accept further reservations from a customer that has caused a major incident or incidents repeatedly.
These General Conditions will be governed by current Spanish legislation.

The contract agreed between you and the company will be regulated in accordance with Spanish legislation.

For any dispute or claim the company and the client, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, submit to the courts and tribunals of the city of Malaga.

If any of the stipulations contained in these conditions of use is declared illegal, void or declared inapplicable by judicial decision, the rest of the stipulations will continue in full force and effect

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