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Earn commissions on all sales generated

No, it is totally free and without permanence.

  • We work with local transport companies without intermediaries to guarantee a quality service to the client.
  • Our affiliation has no cost, no hidden surcharges and no permanence cost.
  • We are constantly evolving and improving our reservation system for both affiliates and internal improvements.
  • We are one of the few transfer companies in Spain that offer this affiliation system for their collaborators.
  • Because we create a completely free website with a personalized link ready for sale.

We sell private airport transfers, taxis, minivans and buses in most cities around the world.

  • You must have a website related to tourism.
  • You must be a company or freelancer duly registered in Spain or a member country of the EU.
  • You must be able to send us an invoice with the total commissions VAT included to issue a payment.

We offer from 8% to 10% depending on sales volume. Commissions are paid per month sold and no minimum is required to collect.

Don't worry, we'll keep the profile assigned to you for two months so you can get back on your feet…

  • Once registered we create an exclusive website for each affiliate.
  • We will give access to a panel where you can see the reservations and download graphic elements to promote the website.

We only pay for confirmed and completed transfers that have been charged by inpetransfer. In this case the commission will be assigned in your profile.

Our cookie is valid for 30 days, meaning that any purchase your customer makes during that month will generate commissions.

Yes, you will not be able to bid for the inpetransfer brand or for any keyword that inpetransfer is bidding on in google adwords. If we observe anything irregular, the collaboration will be terminated immediately.

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