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Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions

The processing of a reservation through the website implies the express acceptance by the client of each and every one of the general conditions that are considered an integral part of the reservation and are completed with the specific applicable legislation.

We provide transportation management services both for individuals, companies and groups. We operate under the brand “Inpetransfer.com” which is owned by us. Our company name is at Camino San Rafael 23 local 3, 29006 Málaga. Inpe Consulting Malaga SL with CIF B93363984

For commercial purposes we have the telephone number (+34) 643 584 125 and we operate through the website www.inpetransfer.com and the email booking@inpetransfer.com.

For the provision of our services we work with transport operators that provide professional transport services for the transfer of passengers, or that act as an agency with legal capacity to offer transport services and that are in possession of all the necessary licenses and permits according to the legislation applicable to each of them to carry out this activity.

  • Inpetransfer.com acts as an intermediary agent in the contractual service between third parties.
  • By making a reservation on our website, you are entering into a contract with the transport company.
  • Reservations made in Inpetransfer.com They are subject to the availability of the collaborating transport companies in our reservation system and their vehicles.
  • Inpetransfer.com It is not responsible for errors made by the Client in the reservation, please always compare the details of the same with the voucher / voucher or email that you received in your mail.

The transport service will not be considered in any case as a tourist package in the terms established by Council Directive 90/314 / EEC, of June 13, 1990, nor in the terms of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users as well as other complementary laws, and therefore the company it does not operate in any case as a travel agency.

Before requesting a service offered on our website, make sure you have read and understood these General Conditions, since they will govern any subsequent contract. By making a reservation you confirm that you have read these Conditions and that you have the legal capacity to accept them on your own behalf and that of all passengers. If you have questions about any of the contractual conditions, please contact our Customer Service before continuing with the reservation process. If you do not agree with any of the obligations derived from these Conditions, unfortunately you will not have to make any reservation with us.


    Here you can see all the questions and answers to your doubts, which you accept when booking a transfer service on our website inpetransfer.com

    Before booking and during the booking process

    To know how to make a reservation, click here

    Reservations must be made 48 hours in advance. We do not guarantee reservations made with less time. If you've waited until the last minute, contact us at booking@inpetransfer.com to check availability and see what we can offer you.

    Yes, you must contact us at soporte@inpetransfer.com and we will send you the price of the requested service as long as the operator at destination performs the service.

    No, all unconfirmed reservations are pending. At that time we contact the local provider and confirm the service, at this time is when the client receives the confirmation in his email with all the information and the attached voucher in pdf for his trip.

    All our reservations are managed immediately, it is possible that the confirmation may take up to 24 to 48 hours depending on the destination.

    The collections are scheduled automatically according to the information provided by the client when making the online reservation. Please inform us as soon as possible to Inpetransfer via email of any change in the reservation (accommodation, change of travel time, etc.) to support@inpetransfer.com

    The vehicle can be replaced by a larger one depending on the availability of the supplier in each destination

    We cannot guarantee the type of vehicle in which the transfer service will take place. The supplier has total freedom to modify the vehicle and its fleet without claiming any responsibility for said change from them or from Inpetransfer.

    On occasions, the vehicle will be changed if in this way the service can be offered that otherwise could not be carried out. For example, a group service can be done in several vehicles, as well as a 2-passenger service can be done in a minivan or minibus.

    Yes, the reservation can be canceled 48 hours before the pick-up time, the 100% will be returned. If the reservation is canceled with less than 48 hours there will be no refund.

    For the group reservations of more than 16 seats, cancellation fees are immediate from the confirmation of the reservation, if it is canceled before 7 days of the start has an expense of 10%, if it is canceled after those 7 days, it will have expenses of the 50% of the first journey.

    If the cause is the lack of availability of our provider and the reserved service cannot be fulfilled, and we cannot offer you a similar service, Inpetransfer reserves the right to cancel the reservation. Please make the reservation in advance to guarantee the contracted service.

    Each passenger can carry a suitcase weighing up to 20kg with measurements of a maximum of 158cm (length + width + depth) and a small handbag weighing a maximum of 5kg. Take your luggage into account when reserving your vehicle and avoid surprises at destination. If you have questions, contact us at soporte@inpetransfer.com

    At the time of booking, it is made by secure payment by credit card, paypal or bank transfer. The client will receive the details of their reservation by e-mail, together with a number that will identify it (locator) and all the data related to it.

    The transaction will be carried out in EUROS, whatever the origin of the client or the selected establishment.

    We accept the most widespread means of payment, such as credit cards (MasterCard / Visa / Euro 6000), debit cards (Visa / Delta, Visa / Electron), all reservation pages that require you to enter personal information are protected by encryption 256-bit SSL.

    Too We accept bank transfer and other offline forms such as iDEAL, KBC Payment Button, Belfius Direct Net, ING Home Pay, Apple pay, Paypal through the © Mollie platform

    Local and national legislation may vary depending on the country in which the transfer takes place. In any case, all our transport operators comply with current legislation. If you book a private transfer, we recommend that for safety reasons you use a lift or baby chair for passengers under 12 years of age or with a height of less than 135 cm.

    When making the reservation, it must be specified if children, babies and their ages are traveling. At that time we will carry out the management with the local supplier and we will send the final price with the chair or lift established by law in the country in question by email. If the client does not pay the extra for the baby chair, inpetransfer will cancel the reservation and make the refund to the client for the amount paid through the same method that was paid at the time.

    If you want to travel with your own baby chair or lift and you have booked a private transfer, you must inform us of this before starting the trip.

    We will do our best to ensure that the transport operator provides the chair or lift when it has been booked.

    All children and babies, regardless of their age, will be taken into account to determine the capacity of the vehicle to be used, and therefore must be entered in the total number of passengers at the time of booking.

    Before your transfer

    We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance that is appropriate to your needs. Please read the booking voucher carefully and print the documentation so that you can take it with you when you travel. Adequate travel insurance will protect you against a number of risks that are beyond our control. If you need insurance, contact us, we have a wide range of insurance to offer you.

    The destination transport company has insurance for the vehicle and civil liability according to the regulations of your country.

    During your transfer

    In the reservation voucher you have all the information you need, the driver will wait for you in the arrivals hall with a sign with your name. In case of delay, please notify to the local provider immediately if you have the phone on the voucher or call us at + 34 657547304.

    The driver will wait a maximum of 60 minutes after the flight has landed. Remember to always notify, it may be that the driver has more services and cannot pick you up at the time of arrival due to the delay of your flight.

    Never leave the pick-up location without warning by phone or whatsapp, contact us to try to locate the driver at the destination.

    The courtesy waiting time at the airports is 60 minutes after the arrival of the flight. After this time, if the client has not appeared, the driver will leave the place being a no show service and will not be entitled to any reimbursement of the service, unless the client is notified of the delay by calling the emergency telephone number mentioned in the voucher, in which case depending on the availability of the driver you may be able to wait. Additional waiting time may incur a charge that must be paid on the spot by the customer.

    For a pick up at a hotel or in the city, the waiting time is 10 to 15 minutes after the agreed pick-up time depending on the destination, after that time the driver will leave the place and the reservation will not be refunded.

    For a pick-up from a train station or port, the maximum waiting time is 10 to 15 minutes after the arrival time of the train or ship, or the pick-up time selected in the reservation. After this time, if the client has not appeared the driver will leave the place unless the client warns of the delay in which case depending on the availability of the driver it is possible that he can wait. The additional waiting time may incur a charge that must be paid on the spot by the client.

    All private transfers are confirmed with the times indicated at the time of booking. All these data appear in the voucher that is attached in pdf in the confirmation email.

    For shared transfers (shuttle), the pick-up instructions will be sent by mail, sms or whatsapp 24 to 48 hours in advance.

    Please, the first thing you should do is contact the emergency telephone number that appears on the voucher +34 6547 547 304 or the telephone number of the company at your destination, if there is one.

    We will do our best to contact the driver to see what is happening and offer an alternative solution. 

    If no solution could be given and The driver will not show up inpetransfer will refund the amount to the client in its entirety in the same way that he would have made the payment. 

    Inpetransfer will not be responsible for paying for taxis or any other type of vehicle used by the client to reach their destination.

    It is the customer's responsibility to reach their destination in a timely manner and pay the cost of the service. Inpetransfer will not be responsible for lost connections, lost flights, cruises or any type of problem arising from the delay.

    The first thing you should do is write to support@inpetransfer.com or write a WhatsApp to +34 657 547 304 to notify the time change and delay. The companies at the destination monitor (follow up) the flights, therefore they know their arrival time.

    This does not mean that the service will be performed. Everything will depend on the planning that the drivers have programmed at their destination. If at the new arrival time of the flight, the service provider company does not have availability, the service will be terminated / canceled without the possibility of any claim to Inpetransfer.com

    Inpetransfer will do everything possible so that the service can be carried out, sometimes it may carry an extra charge for a new reservation at the new arrival time at the destination.

    Well, regretting it, we cannot guarantee the service at an airport other than the one where the reservation was made at the same time of landing. 

    The services are contracted with the transport company that operates in that airport or in the destination city. Any responsibility or expense incurred by this event must be claimed from the airline that is responsible for said diversion.

    The driver can deny the provision of the service to any person traveling under the influence of alcohol or any illicit substance, which causes discomfort or threat to another passenger. It is possible that the company at destination will contact the police in these cases. Inpetransfer is not responsible for negligence of this type.

    After your transfer

    The destination transport company is not responsible for the luggage in the trunk of the vehicle during the transfer. Any damage suffered must be reported immediately to the driver, as well as documented with photographs; The customer must call the emergency telephone number on the voucher at that time to notify the damage caused.

    The transport company is not responsible for personal belongings that do not travel in the trunk with clients, they will be the responsibility of the client.

    We actively welcome comments and suggestions from our customers, and treat them as valuable information on how to improve our service. You can also send us an email with your comments: to booking@inpetransfer.com

    Legal aspects

    By formalizing this contract, you implicitly declare that: You are of legal age and in full use of your mental faculties and that therefore you are able to assume the legal responsibilities derived from this agreement. You are aware of the scope of the services that are the subject of this contract, the information regarding the company and the content of these General Conditions. It also declares that the credit or debit cards you use are your property and that they have sufficient funds to cover the amount of the service. You understand that you must notify us as soon as possible of any modification of the data you have provided us.

    You will need to print and have the booking vouchers ready to present to the transport operator if requested so that the driver can examine them. If the reservation holder does not present the voucher, the transport operator may not provide the service. We recommend that you print and take with you all the communications you have with the company, as well as the proof of transfer.

    The services will be provided in accordance with the information specified in the proof of transfer sent by email. It is your responsibility to provide complete and correct addresses for the pick-up and destination points at the time of booking. It is also part of your responsibilities to print and check the accuracy of the proof of transfer. If the data contained in the voucher is incorrect, you should contact our Customer Service team immediately for rectification. During the reservation process, pay special attention to ensuring that all mandatory fields, marked with an asterisk (*), have been filled in correctly. We are not responsible for reservations that are impossible to carry out and no refunds will be made for such reservations.

    Only you are responsible for providing the necessary documentation for border crossing. We do not assume any responsibility and we refuse to incur additional costs caused by the non-provision of said documents or by non-compliance with the customs, police, fiscal or administrative regulations of the countries to which access is sought. The proof of transfer is not a valid document to obtain an entry visa.

    In the event that the company is forced to pay a deposit or a fine to the authorities of other countries as a result of the client failing to comply with the laws, regulations or other requirements of the countries in which they intend to enter or leave or intend to cross, the customer will take full responsibility for reimbursing the company. We reserve the right to withhold any amount that has been paid to us until the client demonstrates that he has reimbursed the amount corresponding to said fines, charges, etc.

    We reserve the right and you by accepting these conditions authorize us to charge your credit or debit card for damages caused to the vehicle (including, for example, a thorough cleaning) or for objects that have disappeared from the vehicle.

    We reserve the right to no longer accept bookings from a customer who has repeatedly caused a major incident or incidents.

    Inpetransfer acts expressly and solely as an intermediary agent for your reservation, we have no responsibility whatsoever in carrying out the transfer. Our responsibility is limited to the information that we publish on our website, and to transfer the information of your reservation to the transport company at destination. Any claim for illness, injury, death or loss of any kind that occurs during the transfer must be made directly with the company that performs the service or directly with your private insurance policy, Inpetransfer does not have any type of responsibility in the transfer service borrowed. We only accept responsibility for claims that occur as a result of our own negligence.

    In the event in which it is declared that we are responsible to you in any way, our responsibility to the client is limited to the maximum amount paid in the reservation or the proportion of it, if not all people have been affected, we are not responsible of the expenses that may be caused to the client as a result of the transfer, such as not limited to hotels, plane tickets, taxi bills, bus, any type of vehicle, etc. and any other linked to it.

    The description of the transfers we offer is obtained through information sent to us by the local transport company and we do not accept any responsibility for any inaccuracies in said information.

    We do not exclude or limit any liability for death or personal injury arising as a result of our negligence.

    We cannot be held responsible in the event that the fulfillment of our obligations or those of the transport operator is prevented or affected directly or indirectly by or as a result of an event of force majeure or of any circumstance beyond our control including, among others, cases such as phenomena extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, terrorism, third-party accidents or flight deviation to other airports along the transfer itinerary, police controls, extraordinary traffic congestion or strikes or delays due to health controls or any problem derived from regulations or controls at the airport. COVID 19.

    The reservation system and the website belong to Inpetransfer in its entirety. The servers (VPS) where the web is hosted are located in Spain and are owned by an external company.

    These General Conditions will be governed by current Spanish legislation. The contract agreed between you and the company will be regulated in accordance with Spanish law. For any controversy or claim the company and the client, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, They submit to the courts and tribunals of the city of Malaga.

    If any of the stipulations contained in these conditions of use is declared illegal, null or declared inapplicable by court decision, the rest of the stipulations will remain in full force and effect.

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