In a year in which online business is booming, being able to profit from your own website has ceased to be a dream and has become a reality. More and more bloggers, contributors and writers of online media have taken advantage of their platforms through a system commonly known as an affiliate market.

If you are in possession of a medium, digital platform or social network and you are planning to make a profit from it, do not wait any longer, get on the bandwagon of online marketing and earn money with your website

The affiliate program, also known as Affiliate Marketing, It is known as an intercompany agreement. In this arrangement, one of the parties is the creator of the product, who, as usual, tries to capture the customer's interest on his own. On the other side of the agreement are the affiliates, in charge of promoting said product on their platforms in exchange for a commission previously agreed with the advertiser.

Currently, affiliate programs are one of the digital marketing strategies with the greatest impact on online entrepreneurship and business. eCommerce. For companies, having affiliates is a very promising bet, since it is a win-to-win in which both parties get an interesting benefit.


Through mentions or links on third-party sites, the advertising provided by the affiliate program represents a revolution in the field of digital marketing. This powerful tool has become increasingly essential in online business, and if you want to earn money with your website, the affiliate system proposed by Inpetransfer is one of the best alternatives to get the most out of your platform.


Due to its effectiveness and low cost, the affiliate program becomes a safe bet for companies and collaborators interested in making a profit from their site or online business. Your investment is minimal, since neither the advertiser nor the affiliate will face unexpected expenses or last minute risks.

For this reason, the affiliate program gives rise to a state-of-the-art advertising network based on the so-called “cost per result”. Through blogs, nnewsletters, digital magazines or search engines, the affiliate program has earned its place in digital marketing by leaps and bounds, becoming a safe bet for both interested parties.


As a strategy to attract new customers and improve impact capacity, the affiliate program may be one of the best proposals for your business. However, if you prefer to be an affiliate to earn money through recommended products on your website, there are some details that you have to take into account

Once you have promoted the product offered by Inpetransfer, you are waiting for the relevant commission. However, if you do not have a large audience on your website, do not be discouraged, as there are different types of affiliates for different needs.

As an affiliate, you have the advantage offered by the flexibility to be your own boss. The nonchalance of not having to invest time in an interesting product will encourage you to belong to this type of programs that support small, medium and large companies. In addition, as an affiliate, you will have the power to choose the product that you are going to promote, based on your quality standards and the consequent profit margin agreed by both parties.

For example, one of the affiliate systems on the rise lately is that of Inpetransfer. This company manages a system of private airport transfers, whose clients are travel agencies and wholesalers, among others. Its impact on big cities like Paris, Rome, Brussels and Malaga launched an affiliate program to welcome those writers, contributors interested in the tourism sector and travel agencies willing to collaborate with their goals and sponsor their product. 

Oriented to companies, bloggers, Proterpy Managers, OTAS, hotels and Online Media, the objective of its affiliate program becomes a promising opportunity for those interested in making the most of their digital platforms and social profiles at the hands of Inpetransfer, private transfers in Airports around the world. If you want to be part of our affiliates and earn money selling transfers, register here