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Arriving in town and taking transfers from Airport We wonder what we could do in this beautiful city, as the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam gives us enough distractions for a lifetime, however when you only have a few days, it is most likely that you should have a little planned what we can do, to appreciate all the quality and distractions that this emblematic city can offer to the millions of visitors who visit it daily, from its houseboats to its beautiful canals that connect the streets with each other give us the initial view of what will be one of the best tours of our life.

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The best places to visit in Amsterdam

Being able to visit the most emblematic places of the city is something that every traveler must do, even if we take a Amsterdam Airport transfer Until our hotel or destination we can always start to see the city and contemplate it correctly, having so many attractions to offer Amsterdam gives us an unparalleled amount of distractions that we can enjoy in a short time and without losing our private transport.

Channels They are emblematic because almost the entire city can be visited through them, there are specialized sites that even offer boat visits to get to know each channel and corner of the city and enjoy the food and drink offered on board, at the same time. These canals not only connect the city but from them you can see the most beautiful floating houses in the city and the more than a thousand bridges that pass over them.

traslados privados amsterdam

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Dam Square It is the meeting point if you visit Amsterdam, in it you can find the most important buildings as well as the most outstanding monuments, such as the national monument built in honor of the Dutch soldiers who fell in the war, it measures 22 meters high and you can contemplate the whole city from him.

The Royal Palace It is part of another excellent tourist attraction built between 1648 and 1655, it was made to last its neoclassical style, it gives it a touch of unparalleled architecture that makes it a reference icon for residents and visitors alike.

Finally the flower market offers us one of the most popular sites in the city, flowers have played an important role in the history of the city, the tulips They are the most cultivated flowers, so in 1862 the flower market was created, which houses hundreds of people who love their cultivation, which allows obtaining the desired tulips at any time of the year.

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Finally the Coffeshops They are one of the best known places if you want to have a drink and enjoy the view of the city in a relaxed way, you can order any type of coffee with cream, espresso and even with aromas of nuts and liquorice, one of the most requested by its visitors Also, most of these places are located near the canals so they can also be appreciated while enjoying the day.