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Learn more about Barcelona airport.

When we do the airport transportation We always wonder what history is behind these immense places that are home to the most loved and fastest way to travel, although most airports have beautiful designs accompanied by great technology that controls the air traffic of the thousands of planes that take off from its runways daily, being able to have one of the level of Barcelona Airport is unmatched, this iconic airport has become the second most used airport in all of Spain, only surpassed by Madrid airport and the main one in Catalonia, which demonstrates its importance for the millions of users who have its service daily.

Barcelona airport a work of engineering and precision.

The Barcelona airport transfers They have been made much simpler due to the large number of companies that provide private taxi services and that provide us with the option of leaving at a specific time so that we cannot miss our flight, and even in an inverse way they can take us to book them in advance at our hotel or place of arrival, which is why the Barcelona airport has numerous entrances equipped for vehicle access without suffering any congestion, generally most airports have certain problems with the arrival of vehicles, but This airport is equipped to accommodate taxis and private vehicles without any problem.

It also has a fairly accessible location for the different private transfer service companies that provide upper-middle-range vehicles and that must be located in an accessible place in the airport for the loading of suitcases and the reception of customers by the drivers. assigned.

Another of its incredible structures are its take-off areas, with its three runways, two parallel runways and a cross runway, ensures the transit of the airplanes in a fluid way and without problems at the time of take-off and landing, so that safety is fully contemplated, some modifications in recent years have notably improved its infrastructure by expanding it and being able to designate two terminals, only T1 and T2 in a way that is comfortable for passengers and that allows optimal boarding control.

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The airport has stores of recognized brands in its terminals, which are intended to make the waiting and boarding of passengers more enjoyable, in addition to this it has a large commercial area interconnected to the airport that has a wide variety of stores a total of 50 duty paid shops and duty free payment areas available to passengers, which is ideal while they wait for their private transport to take them to their vacation destination or hotel to rest appropriately.

Finally, we can highlight its contribution to the elimination of sonic pollution, through the placement of monitors that dispatch the information that was previously given by megaphone in the different areas of the airport, leaving only the boarding instructions through this old route.

Having the ability to experience this spectacular airport from the comfort of our private transportation gives us the peace of mind to continue our travel in an optimal way.