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All companies must find a way to sell their products or services without harming the environment. In this way, everyone, including the private airport transfers, we contribute to improving air quality and curbing climate change. 

Inpetransfer and environment services 

Since Inpetransfer We offer private transfers in a large number of airports around the world, which brings comfort and safety to customers traveling by plane. 

These transports are usually made by vehicles powered by a combustion engine, with gasoline or diesel. 

Like any other displacement, these private airport transfers are also polluting due to the emissions of the cars that are used. From our company we want to reduce these emissions to a minimum and acquire a commitment to the environment, also helping to reduce pollution in the cities where we provide services. 

Commitment to the environment

A very effective way to reduce emissions from vehicles used for transportation is change the fleet to choose those that are more respectful of the environment.

From our company we are contacting our collaborators to request availability of hybrid or electric vehicles of its fleet and make them available to all our clients, agencies and collaborators when making their reservation. 

We currently have this option at airports from Las Palmas, Madrid and Paris, although more destinations will be added with this type of car. 

Hybrid or electric car as a solution to pollution 

Both private transfers with hybrid vehicles and with electric cars represent a significant reduction in emissions, which can be a solution to contamination. 

in the case of cars hybrids, have the capacity to driving in fully electric mode or combined with the heat engine to consume a minimum amount of fuel. The electric motor is powered by a battery that gets power in different ways:

  • I know recharge while driving. The gasoline engine recharges it with excess power.
  • during braking an additional load is achieved, taking advantage of the energy produced when the car's brakes act. 
  • Taking advantage of the inertia

Secondly, the electric car does not generate emissions during its operation, so it does not add pollution to the environment and the cities where they are used can benefit from cleaner air. In addition, by not using a combustion engine, it is not necessary to use so many polluting liquids, such as oils and refrigerants, which need to be removed by a specific process to reduce contamination.

So, both of them vehicle types they are a good solution for pollution and introducing them in the options that customers have to move is a way of contributing to the environment. 

The private airport transfers they are a service that provides comfort and speed in the displacements to the clients. However, they also generate polluting emissions into the environment. These emissions can be reduced by private transportation in hybrid or electric vehicles, contributing to the reduction of pollution in cities.