Did you know that Istanbul is the only city in the world that is located on two different continents? It spans both Europe and Asia and is crossed by the famous Bosphorus River, which connects the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea. With stories of emperors, sultans; with aromas, colors and architecture that transcend.

If you are thinking of traveling to this beautiful city there are many Turkey travel deals that may be interesting to you.

It is a city of contrasts, for its mosques, its religion, its gastronomy ... and also a place where you feel safe and you can walk quietly through its streets.


It has many places to visit. From Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque… to panoramic views from Torre Galata. A cruise on the Bosphorus or visiting the Asian part of Uskudar and thus see the other Asian Istanbul is something that is worth it.

If you go to Istanbul you must pamper your skin in a Hamman, haggle in the grand bazaar, have tea in its colorful streets, visit its thousands of hidden mosques in every corner of the city or watch its citizens fish from the Galata Bridge, tradition millennial of the city.

A free tour of Istanbul or around the Taksim neighborhood, It is an option that you should not miss. where the square that bears the same name is located, this area is also considered the modern heart of the city. Known for hosting a large number of hotels and restaurants.

It is known that in Turkey the tea tradition is very strong. There are all flavors and they are taken at all times, regardless of the time of year. Does it snow in winter? A break with hot tea will help. 40 degrees during the summer? If you dare, do like the Turks and drink some tea too!

Do not worry about your arrival, there is Istanbul airport transfers to your hotel or place of stay in the country.

Take advantage of the trip to make a tour of Turkey and continue discovering this beautiful country. In Turkey you will find from the wonders of Pamukkale, unique ice formations in the world to Capadoccia, a very curious place due to its original geological formations. One of the most magical experiences you can have in Capadoccia is flying over the region in one of the many hot air balloons that take off at sunrise.

Do you want them to tell you? Or do you prefer to tell the wonders that this beautiful city hides? Istanbul awaits you!