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The historical center of Prague

After enduring the Second World War, Prague became one of the most attractive destinations to enjoy our vacations in this beautiful city. airport transfers That takes us comfortably to our hotel and then visit this beautiful city will give us one of the most comfortable tours of all, as the capital of the Czech Republic is considered a city with exponential growth, equating itself with others the size of New York or London. , its cultural richness is well documented as one of the most varied in the world, and it can be seen very easily when through the window of our private transport we can see the different churches and emblematic buildings with that neo-Renaissance design that characterizes them so much. .

traslados aeropuerto praga

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The beautiful streets of Prague, a growing city

With thousands of tourists taking and booking Prague airport transfer daily to its hotels to take your vacations this metropolis has emerged in population and in cultural diversity notably appreciated for its beautiful buildings of classical architecture, it was named a World Heritage Site which has made its attractiveness for tourists increase considerably, in the same way its museums form an unparalleled attraction when passing on the way to our hotel, including the Jewish Museum With more than ten thousand objects and pieces of historical value belonging to this town that are exhibited as a sample of their culture and traditions, the Mucha Museum dedicated to the famous writer Frank Kafka is another emblematic place since it has the first editions of this emblematic Czech writer, finally we have the Czech museum a building of neo-renaissance construction that houses the most important Czechs in history, being considered one of the most beautiful among all.

Prague is well known for its beautiful musical compositions, classical music stands out above all in even generating festivals and theatrical works whose main pieces are these beautiful scores, also having as staging places the main churches of the city. city and the main Prague Auditorium such as the National Auditorium which houses the Prague Symphony Orchestra, and which has easy access by private transport.

traslados aeropuerto praga

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Another beautiful place for art is the National Gallery of Prague Castle having Mozart and his music as one of the main inspirations to carry out these festivities throughout the year.

The Historical center of prague It has been a place strongly influenced by the different eras of conquest and shelter of the different cultures and countries that have inhabited it, from the construction of its famous stone house inhabited by the Jews through the French architectural concept and the sober style of the Netherlands to its beautiful palaces and modern buildings, brimming with that contemporary elegance that characterizes them, leads us to the conclusion that its growth as one of the most interesting cities in the world is not just something of public opinion , but rather it is a fact verified by the millions of inhabitants who delight in its diversity and beautiful architecture as well as the culture of one of the most reborn cities of our times.