Today we show you the most extravagant, rare, unusual and special airports in the world. Which one do you want to visit?

Princess Juliana, Saint Maarten (Caribbean)

Surely you have seen the video of a lot of tourists on the beach and a plane flying overhead right? Well, that airport is the Princess Juliana, located in Saint Maarten in the Caribbean.

Local authorities advise that being so close can cause injury or even death, but people love the adrenaline rush. Would you dare to sunbathe on that beach?

Private transfers Saint Martten Airports

Juancho E. Yrausquin, Saba (Caribbean)

 The smallest airport in the world is in Saba, a small island in the Caribbean that belongs to the Netherlands, and it is a challenge for pilots trying to land on it since the runway has only 400 meters of asphalt. In addition, it is surrounded by hills and cliffs. Not allowed for cardiacs.

Airport in Saba, Caribbean

Gibraltar Airport (Spain)

Oddly enough, this airport is considered one of the most complicated in the world. This airport is located on the rock that gives it its name, right in the same urban area. Only a traffic light and a fence are in charge of stopping the traffic of land vehicles to give free rein to the planes that take off or land on the rock. Surprising right?

Gribaltar airport

Funchal Airport (Madeira)

Airplane pilots flying to Madeira require a special permission for this since the airport has a runway considered one of the most complicated in the world to carry out landings for him small size of your track and also by the wind force when the ship flies over the runway. Furthermore Funchal Airport (Now known as Cristiano Ronaldo Airport) is surrounded by water. On the internet you can find impressive videos of the landings at this airport.

Barra Airport, Scotland

This small airport in Scotland is curious because of the location of its runway. Nothing more and nothing less than on a beach on the island of Barra. The beach has three runways, but the pilots must be very well prepared because their landing and the arrival and departure times will depend on the rise and fall of the tides.

Barra Airport, Scotland